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Blood in Semen

is typically the result of swelling of the
seminal vesicles, and will generally get
away after some time. In most of the cases
when blood has been detected in the
sperm, the cause cannot be determined.

A typical doctor's reaction is that blood in
semen is not infrequent and is not
essentially a reason to raise a red flag.

Most of the time the blood in your semen
will disappear in a period of 2-3 weeks. To
be absolutely on a safe site and make
sure that nothing serious is happening to
please follow these simple rules:
Rule Number One: For period of 2
weeks stop any vigorous physical
activity, especially running or
biking. Sometimes this is a major
reason for traces of blood in your
Rule Number Two:  Make sure the
blood is from you, not from your
partner. This is particularly likely if
she is at the beginning or end of
her period and the bleeding is not
noticeable to her. If she is not
menstruating, but you think the
blood is from her, she may need a
check-up. Use a condom the next
few times you have sex. This will
enable you to examine the semen,
and be sure the bleeding is from
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Blood in Semen
Blood in Semen
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